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CDO Summit in Houston Showcases Data Management Innovation

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the Chief Data Officer Summit in Houston on the topic of “Bringing Data-driven Applications to the Enterprise”. I believe the feedback I received from the audience as well as several other sessions I attended continues to reinforce where the industry is going. 

  • Sebastian Gass, Regional Mgr. IT North America Exploration & Production, Chevron Corporation spoke passionately about siloed data as a major challenge in his opening keynote “Data-Driving and Enabling Chevron’s 2020 IT Strategy”
  • Joseph Gollapalli, Analytics Leader, GE Oil & Gas presented the impressive architecture of GE’s Industrial data lake designed to bring together data across hundreds of data sources for analysis, and a resulting user friendly data-driven application that they were able to build that used recommended actions to keep parts in stock
  • Tom Kunz, Data Manager Downstream at Shell provided an in depth look at the rigor of measurement and continuous improvement cycle that Shell engages in from a master data management and data quality perspective

These separate sessions touched upon the need for reliable data, relevant insights and recommended actions in enterprise data-driven applications for the enterprise.

Since the majority of the attendees were from the oil and gas and energy sectors, we presented and demoed our all-in-one Well Master Application bringing together master data, interaction data, 3rd party data and social data. With a “linkedin-style” UI and comprehensive data quality built-in.

All of the big data vendors were exhibiting their wares at the conference. Like oil prices, the popularity of technologies and tools will rise and fall. But one constant remains, everyone agrees we must reduce the time for business users see value. Spending millions piecing together infrastructure, big data technologies, MDM systems, analytics tools, and custom UIs is not the answer.