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The Future of Software: Enterprise Data-driven Applications

Data-driven is an over-used term these days, leading people to ask, “What is data-driven? I thought all my apps had data in them?”

@Reltio we believe that data-driven applications such as LinkedIn have shown how applications can truly combine relevant insights and recommended actions, into a single application that blurs the lines between analytical visualization and operational execution. 

When you use LinkedIn, you don’t think about what functions you should be using to analyze the data, or how you can connect to a peer that LinkedIn has surfaced as a recommended action. Whether your goal is to find a new job, connect with a potential partner or prospect, you easily and seamlessly accomplish tasks within the application, everything is in one place, with a wealth of data to guide you. 

It’s no wonder that leading venture firms believe that a new generation of enterprise data-driven applications will be revolutionary:

Amidst the consumerization of IT, the successful enterprise applications are going to be the ones that empower and appeal to users and not necessarily IT. Thus, these user-centric applications need to deliver value directly to the end user. In order to do so, new enterprise software need to be fundamentally “data-driven” … Today, only a few truly data-driven consumer applications exist; the enterprise sector as a whole has been lagging.

— The last mile in Big Data: How data driven software will power the enterprise | ACCEL PARTNERS

Traditional SaaS and on-premise software will be around for a long time and these vendors will add more data intelligence to their offerings. They will be joined however, and possibly threatened by, a new generation of nimble and innovative next generation SaaS companies that will combine data and domain expertise to add massive business value to their customers. These Data Driven Solutions represent the future of software.

— 8 Ways To Build And Use The New Breed Of Data-Driven Applications | VENROCK via Forbes.com

If everything goes as expected, virtually every category of enterprise applications will be transformed by the insights automatically derived from a multitude of data sources …
… Business users increasingly want the same level of sophisticated, quick insights powered by smarter software.

— Data-Driven Applications: The Next Generation of Big Data | REDPOINT VENTURES

One critical component that is missing from the discussion is that of reliable data. For business users to trust a new wave of enterprise data-driven applications the data must be complete and accurate. Separate siloed data management solutions feeding applications are not enough, since information needs to cross multiple domains and be available in real-time.  @Reltio our enterprise data-driven applications come complete with a built-in data management foundation, allowing you to rapidly deploy solutions to meet your biggest challenges.