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Freedom to Choose … Your Data

Patients and payers are gaining influence over healthcare decisions, physicians. Other prescribers and healthcare organizations remain central to driving high-quality, cost-effective care. Understanding the decisions they make and how these decisions impact patient outcomes – is vital. As the business adjusts to these changes, it is important to understand who these customers are and how best to engage with them.

Many companies struggle to keep their provider, payer and patient master records in order. It’s an ongoing monumental task that requires constant evolution of data management practices that IT organizations are challenged to handle due to the constantly evolving nature of the data and data sources.

Help has presented itself in a few forms. There have been solutions mainly focused on improving the quality of customer data for CRM.

While useful and incrementally more efficient, these solutions are not for everyone. The life sciences industry has a wide variety of quality data providers, MedPro, LexisNexis Enclarity and HMS, DarkMatter2BD, IMS, Cegedim and others, each delivering unique value. If time and effort of acquisition and integration were not an issue, most would prefer not to be “locked-in” by a single data source.

A better alternative might be a dynamic and open data-as-a-service (DaaS) offering that allows companies to choose from the excellent range of data providers, pre-integrated and accessible through simple point and click. This on demand access allows for the business user to directly search for and acquire the data they need across multiple vendors, often previewing before purchase, and dynamically on boarding and combining the data with their own. They can even provide feedback and updates to the vendor seamlessly, often in exchange for credits. The third party provider gets higher quality data, which benefits other customers consuming the information, so everyone wins.

IT, who often have been saddled with, and wrongly pointed to as the bottleneck, due to the need to have them perform tedious ETL uploads, and constant verification of changed data between batches, are now free to focus on more pressing matters. 

@Reltio we believe DaaS is an essential part of a modern data management platform which in turn should be built into data-driven applications. With this, IT can not only be more efficient, but also more compliant by tracking update and consolidation of all attributes across all sources, internal and external. This gives them full visibility as to how the data procured, is benefiting business users in their day-to-day goals.

With the dramatically lower cost of ownership and efficiency, now combined with choice, higher data quality and greater compliance and visibility. That would be freedom of choice worth voting for.