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Blending Data & Creating Solutions

One of the things we’ve noticed over the years of developing MDM solutions is that every organization wants a place to blend data. It’s interesting to take a quick trip down memory lane. The first form of MDM was known as CDI (Customer Data Integration) and back then the idea was simply to match duplicate customer records. Over time that evolved to include non-customer entities such as Product or even more niche entities within specific industries. What we’re seeing now is a more generalized need to blend data. That is, to have a place where data about people, places, and things can come together from multiple sources. Sometimes the data that comes together is duplicative and needs to be matched and merged. Other times its complimentary, and being able to induct and link it adds huge value.

This is what we’re seeing now and it is the basis of the Reltio Cloud.  Reltio Cloud has core MDM functionality such as matching and linking capabilities, but the Reltio Cloud supports the inclusion of any data in any format to provide a richness and insight through native analytics that we’re pretty excited about. What is key about this capability is that it is “Switzerland” in relationship to all the enterprise applications your company has. In other words, established legacy applications such as SAP or even SaaS applications like SFDC are not designed or purposed to hold other data from your enterprise. But the Reltio Cloud is— and its job is to bring disparate data together, master it (if it needs mastering), and make aspects of it available to all of your other enterprise applications, while at the same time providing native analytics to understand it and gain insight from it.