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Welcome to “Data-driven Matters”

Welcome to the official blog of Reltio, “Data-driven Matters”. Reltio Cloud is built to address challenges that enterprises face managing data,  and for business users to take advantage of opportunities through data-driven applications. Such data is typically sourced from multiple data sources or channels. Relevant business data is inherently dirty, complex and highly interlinked. Both IT and business users tackle this challenge on a daily basis and struggle with it. Reltio is making it easier and simpler for both groups so they can both “Be Right Faster”. 

The Reltio team acknowledges that data is important, especially today, however to make it consumable requires converting this data into insights. This has to be done regardless of the growing volumes or complexity of data. A business user in a sales, marketing or compliance role should be able to use these relevant insights to take the right actions to drive opportunities.

With this goal in mind, the Reltio team has been working on a core set of technologies that help us deliver the solution for business users through Reltio enterprise data-driven applications. We will share with you how you can drive revenue opportunities and reduce risk exposure through actionable, real-time and predictive insights by relating disparate datasets from multiple sources.

Thank you for taking the time to read our thoughts.