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Life Sciences' Mightiest Heroes USERS

In the face of unprecedented peril ... where audiences & influencers are diverse ... and over 50% of those polled in a Data-driven Pulse of Life Sciences Survey, say their insights are not actionable. Fraught with changing regulations, 74% of life sciences' professionals in a survey responded that their data is incomplete or missing. Oh and by the way budgets & resources are shrinking.

As the challenge grows even more complex with 28% of those who have legacy MDM still saying that their data is siloed, and only a tiny 4% are trying to work with big data and Hadoop. Mobile is now a ubiquitous requirement for applications, and global is the norm. Fluid data security and privacy challenges test even the most skilled IT professionals.

Problems remain unresolved because of standalone technology, legacy business applications, slow data acquisition and reconciliation, and no one knows where they stand, as metrics & ROI are inexact.

Who will come to save the day?

The Commercial Ops Magician USERS UP

Supporting an increasing range of business processes and teams, the Commercial Ops Magician pulls relevant information out of disparate apps & sources to make problems vanish into thin air.


Often faced with tight budgets and skepticism, the IT Genius nevertheless delivers value by finding innovative technical solutions to business needs, while reducing costs.

Challenged to be in the right places, see the right people, and say the right things, the Sales Speedster quickly determines what is and isn't working to meet and exceed performance targets and quotas.

Navigating a rapidly changing commercial landscape, the Market Archer delivers targeted, quality content and information that hits the mark with customers, through the channels they prefer.

Tasked with ensuring that everything and everyone stays in line with regulatory requirements and internal policies, nothing slips past the Compliance Enforcer.

  • Peril Faced - Keeping data safe & secure in an evolving regulatory landscape 
  • Arch Nemeses - Inaccurate regulatory reporting. Unauthorized & rogue users
  • Super Power - Enterprise data enforcement with granular audit controls


Amidst high uncertainty and a heavy reliance on increasing volumes of data, the R&D Visionary uncovers cures through relentless innovation and clinical trials.

Though often on the road and pressed for time, the Medical Affairs Diplomat still finds a way to deliver the latest and most accurate medical information and drive key relationships.

  • Peril Faced - Inaccurate info: medical procedure, disease state, KOL  
  • Arch Nemeses - Outdated content sent to unqualified individuals
  • Super Power - Aligning the right content with the right audience

Representing the voice of patients everywhere, the Patient Advocate evangelizes a patient centric philosophy, with care and compassion for better relationships and outcomes.

  • Peril Faced - Identifying patients via accurate profiles & their needs and wants
  • Arch Nemeses - Driving shift in company culture, securely sharing info
  • Super Power - Gaining a 360 view of patients to enable data-driven decisions


How to Play

1. Click on the High or Low button to predict if the next card will be Higher or Lower that the card showing

2. Click on the Recommended Action text below the buttons for a "data-driven" hint which will show up in the shading of the High and Low buttons

3. For your reference, the prior cards are highlighted in the left hand table, and the most recent card prior to the face up card is shown in a circle

Play as many times as you want, try to beat the consecutive correct guesses, which is currently at 32 (see below).

As a bonus, cards of equal value are treated as a win!

The current high score is 32! 

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