Digital Transformation Strategies for CPG

Executives within the CPG industry are executing digital transformation strategies to attain:

  • A unified 360-degree view of customers for connected customer experiences
  • A single view of product data obtained from various retailers
  • Combined consumer data with product, transactional and other touchpoint data
  • Pre-merger analysis and post-merger data aggregation between “original” and acquired company
  • Improvement of overall data quality for data-driven business decisions

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See how other leaders are executing digital transformation in their business

It’s less about technology and more about evolving the guest experience. The world has changed. This is an acknowledgement that we want to change with the world and be ahead of the curve. - CIO
— A Top Global Fast Food Restaurant Chain
  • Mastered customer data to support global operations with 40,000+ outlets in more than 100 countries
  • Created a single reliable view of customers across all channels
  • Feeds real-time information to mobile, e-commerce, marketing and transactional applications