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User Experience


The user experience course guides all types of user roles through the Reltio User Interface. The course will allow learners to independently move through the terminology, features, functions and navigation tools that lead to an understanding of Reltio Connected Customer 360 UI, Reference Data Management UI and Reltio Console. After listening to the narrated tour, learners can use the examples to navigate through their own tenants.

Video modules support the course objectives with detailed instructions for navigating the features, functions, tools, and screens of the Reltio Connected Customer 360 UI, Reltio Console, and Reference Data Management.  Targeted mainly to a data steward or data governor user role, this course will also guide all users through the aspects of navigating through Reltio Platform user interface.

Course Prerequisites & Target Audience

The course is designed for users in data steward, data governor, data analyst or business user role.

Course Content

Reltio Connected Customer 360 User Experience covers the following topics:

  • Getting around in Reltio UI 
    • Login to Reltio Platform user interface
    • Walkthrough of the UI navigation
  • Navigating the Reltio dashboard 
    • Dashboard tab overview
    • Review dashboard facets and options
  • Search in Reltio 
    • Learn different search methods
    • Review filter criteria and options
  • Working with profiles in Reltio 
    • Review profile tab
    • Explore profile, graph, sources, interactions, potential match perspective
    • Create/edit profiles
    • Work with relationships
  • Data quality, data load and data extract for data users
    • Reltio console overview
    • Data Quality application walkthrough
    • Search and filter data in Reltio using DQ score and rank
    • Load data into Reltio for business users
    • Extract/export data from Reltio
  • Data governance workflows in Reltio 
    • Review data governance process in Reltio
    • Discuss workflows and task management
      • Potential match
      • Data change request
      • Recommend for delete
  • Reference data management in Reltio 
    • Learn reference data and reference data management in Reltio
    • Create/edit lookup types and data
    • Collaboration on lookup types
    • Create/edit source systems
    • Export reference data

Course Expectations

Learners can access the User Experience modules through our learning management system at their convenience.  Each module can stream on computers, tablets, or mobile phones providing both step by step instructions and background information that supports an understanding of navigation and use.