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Reltio Connected Data Platform and Architecture


This course introduces key aspects of the Reltio Connected Data Platform and technical architecture including the role of the platform in the enterprise, its key business and technical features, and the use of NoSQL and graph. Modules 2 and 3 take the learner into a deeper dive understanding of the information model supported by the various object and attribute types and a methodical process for doing data modeling.

Course Prerequisites & Target Audience

The Reltio Platform and Architecture course from Reltio is designed for technical roles such as configurators, developers, and architects.

There are no specific prerequisites for this course.  The recommended skills are an understanding of Master Data Management and an understanding of the Reltio platform, REST protocol, and JSON documents.

Course Content

The Reltio Platform and Architecture course covers the following topics:

Course Modules Learning Objectives
Reltio Platform and Architecture This module provides an overview of the Reltio platform and architectural points of differentiation including primary purpose and value proposition of the platform, object types, use of graph, technologies used, and position in the typical application landscape.
Data Modeling Concepts This module focuses on the Reltio Information architecture for modeling purposes including objects and attribute types that can be used, differences from an RDBMS approach, use of Entities, Relationships and interactions in typical use cases.
Data Modeling step by step This module takes the learner through a step-by-step methodology for determining what objects to use for various purposes, the pros and cons; Then provides a series of common examples and the thought process behind the modeling suggestions in each case.

Final Exam

After completion of all the self-paced videos and successful completion of the knowledge checks for each module, learners will be able to take a final knowledge check exam covering all the course content. On successful completion of the final knowledge check, learners will be issued a badge for the course as well as a certificate that will be valid for two years.

Course Expectations

Learners can access the training modules through Reltio Academy at their convenience.  The materials can be viewed on computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

Time Commitment

This course requires approximately 90 minutes to complete the self-paced learning content.