Fuel Your Career

The Reltio Certification Program gives you a baseline set of knowledge and skills for the successful implementation and maintenance of Reltio solutions. Becoming certified is not just about passing a test, it's an opportunity to deliver results to your organization and advance your career.

Reltio Certification Mission

  • To provide a reliable, valid, and secure way of assessing skills and knowledge required to implement and maintain Reltio solutions
  • To provide a career path for individuals to demonstrate proficiency in related Reltio solutions
  • To develop an advocate community of highly skilled, certified professionals who recommend, support, and use Reltio products and solutions

Program Benefits

  • Creating a talent pool of skilled professionals leading to better quality and more efficient implementations
  • Empowering technical experts through professional credibility while gaining highly desirable Reltio skills in the marketplace

Role-based Certification

Earn a role-based certification that validates your expertise in implementing Reltio Connected Customer 360.  Learn more

  • Certified Core Configurator - now available
  • Certified Advance Configurator (coming soon)
  • Certified Solutions Architect  (coming soon)