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Understanding GDPR and Its Impact on the Development Of AI

By David Roe

Please visit https://www.cmswire.com/information-management/understanding-gdpr-and-its-impact-on-the-development-of-ai/ for the complete article.

For Ramon Chen, Chief Product Officer at Reltio, an enterprise data organization platform that supports GDPR out of the box, states that GDPR could limit the use of AI and Machine Learning, because they must ensure that they take into consideration privacy concerns when leveraging those technologies.

While analytics and rules have been used long before AI and ML entered the picture, GDPR requires that an individual has the right to request proof of how the conclusion or result was derived and have the right to a human review of the decision. “GDPR is simply echoing the skepticism that exists around the use of the AI and ML blackbox, which places complete trust and autonomous decision making on data management and insights,” he said.

“Even experienced IT professionals whose careers are focused on automation and reducing manual effort have conveyed that they feel more comfortable being able to see suggestions and a pattern of consistent success before accepting AI/ML-generated actions unilaterally with no intervention,” said Chen.

Chen added that traditional data management platforms have always brought together data of all types and sources. Many are adding on AI/ML to modernize their capabilities. However, enterprises must ensure that any tools they use contain a full suite of audit and lineage capabilities necessary to give them the transparency to comply with every GDPR requirement, especially when AI and ML are used. “It’s a challenge facing many companies as their legacy data management tools were not designed from the ground up to meet the regulatory requirements and expectations now being enforced,” he said.