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Strategies for Moving from Application to Enterprise Customer Master Data Management

Many organizations start their Master Data Management (MDM) journey in support of a specific sponsor business need. Often hard-fought concessions are made to allow MDM techniques to support data needs of a particular function. Now, since almost every application needs your customer master, it’s time to expand the scope of MDM, to replace substandard methods of accessing customer data in the enterprise and to establish the MDM hub for use by new applications across all customer business processes.

Crossing the chasm to the enterprise customer 360 can be daunting. During this 1-Hour Webinar, GigaOm analyst William McKnight will share some strategies for moving from application to enterprise customer MDM and will discuss the ruggedization that must exist in MDM to be ready.

This webinar covers:

  • How MDM is established with TCO
  • The MDM Maturity Model (single application MDM is low)
  • Elements in MDM necessary for takeoff:
    • A data quality program (prove data quality according to beloved peers)
    • DaaS SLAs – how do they work with the hub?
    • Operational integration (including data lake) AND value-added customer analytical elements (perhaps gleaned from transactional data)
  • Syndicated data take-on
  • Graph capabilities