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Reliable HCP Data for Operational & Compliance Excellence

We sat down with Bryan Andrews, Director – Sales Operations at MedPro Systems, to go over how pharma organizations can keep their HCP data up to date to meet their HCP & HCO license validation and aggregate spend reporting needs, and remain compliant to local, state, and federal regulations. In this short video, Bryan discusses:  

∙       Ensuring compliance with accurate and updated HCP data

∙       3-step process for achieving accurate HCP data

∙       Rethinking HCP data management in life sciences

“The key benefits of the MedPro Reltio solution include automatically appending all required fields for PDMA license validation, aggregate spend reporting, and CIA specialty verification. The solution is highly configurable as each life science company we work with has different compliance and business objectives…The solution eliminates any custom ETL processes to transfer HCP data in and out of the Reltio platform.”