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Reltio IQ (Formerly Reltio Insights) Powers Reliable Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning


We sat down with Maxim Lukichev, Lead Data Scientist, Reltio, to go over Reltio IQ and how it seamlessly leverages reliable data as part of Reltio Cloud Modern Data Management Platform as a Service to power advanced analytics and machine learning, and feed data-driven applications.

In this video, Maxim discusses:

  • What is Reltio IQ

  • How a reliable data foundation is a pre-requisite for advanced insights

  • What happens when friction is eliminated with a pre-packaged machine learning and advanced analytics environment

  • How businesses get faster time to relevant insights and recommended actions

  • Why Reltio IQ will lead to higher value and closed-loop ROI

A major benefit you get with Reltio IQ (Insights) is time to value. You can develop analytic algorithms in a matter of weeks, instead of months, because you have a prebuilt reliable MDM foundation that is continuously synchronized and kept up to date. Another benefit is agility. Once the foundation is in place you can add new attributes and sources at the speed of business. All of this can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of building data lakes that rapidly turn into swamps due to poor quality data.