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Optimizing Your Cloud Strategy for Machine Learning & Analytics

We sat down with Naveen Punjabi, Head of Strategic Partnerships (Data Analytics) at Google, to go over how enterprises can deliver faster and connected customer experiences by optimizing their cloud strategy for machine learning and analytics. In this short video, Naveen discusses:  

∙       Google Cloud’s modern ML services

∙       Building custom ML models for enterprises

∙       Poor data quality denies profitable use of ML

∙       Delivering faster and connected experiences with Reltio & Google Cloud

“With Reltio running on Google Cloud, customers will have the best of both worlds. They will be able to manage their data at scale as well as derive insights using the Reltio platform…Reltio, while running on Google Cloud, taps into Google Cloud’s ML & AI services and enhances the value proposition that customers get through those applications.”