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How to Meet GDPR and Other Regulatory Requirements Just by Focusing on Your Business

Meeting regulations such as GDPR often comes at a high price of doing business, not just for European companies, but multinational corporations in an increasingly global landscape. Companies seeking quick fixes often end up licensing specialized technology to meet such regulations, while others resign themselves to paying fines that may be levied, as they determine that the cost to fix their data outweighs the penalties that might be incurred.

This session will discuss how organizing data for offensive strategies like new revenue models, improved customer experience, or other initiatives results in clean, reliable data with a natural byproduct of defensive data strategy, with the ability to meet regulations such as GDPR, and to ensure compliant, secure data access.





  • Moderator: Ajay Khanna, VP of Marketing, Reltio

  • Ramon Chen, Chief Product Officer, Reltio

  • Ken Readus, Vice President, LumenData,

  • Derek Strauss, CEO, Gavroshe