Reltio Cloud Leverages a Multi-model Database Architecture for Modern Data Management

Anastasia Zamyshlyaeva, Chief Architect & Co-founder, Reltio, talks about the advantages of using multi-model and a polyglot approach to data storage. In this short video, Anastasia discusses:

  • Multi-model architecture and the blended use of diverse NoSQL, Relational, Document, Columnar databases - having the right storage for the right data
  • Better performance, higher agility
  • How a Modern Data Management platform delivers maximum business value from data assets
Reltio Cloud has a multi-model architecture at its core foundation, a single place where you can bring different kinds of data together—entities, relationships, graphs, interactions, reference data, everything under one virtual data roof. Multi-model, Modern Data Management built-in means business users can leverage any type and form of data they need, through different kinds of workflows and through data-driven applications that are as easy to use as Facebook and LinkedIn.