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In call for new privacy laws, Apple’s Tim Cook slams ‘data-industrial complex’


Please visit https://siliconangle.com/2018/10/24/apples-tim-cook-slams-data-industrial-complex-call-new-privacy-laws/ for the complete article.

Nonetheless, said Manish Sood, chief executive officer of Reltio Inc., Apple’s call for a U.S. privacy law similar to GDPR is both valid and timely.

“Five years ago, this initiative would have been too big of a burden for companies because customer data is sprinkled throughout organizations in dozens or hundreds of separate systems,” he said. “Scattered across multiple networks and lines of business, the only way to manage this data sprawl so that customer data privacy compliance is assured is to discover, organize and control all customer data from internal, external and third-party sources.”

Sood said modern data management technologies can help organizations automatically implement this capability.

“Those that view a U.S. privacy law as a regulatory burden rather than an opportunity have not yet internalized what it means to be a customer-driven company,” he said. “Your customers’ privacy is already table stakes today in effectively serving them.”