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Forrester Report: Eliminate Confusion In Data Management Roles And Responsibilities

As an enterprise architecture (EA) leader, are you constantly striving to prioritize data capabilities? Are you looking to optimize and scale the data management (DM) structure and resources that are spread across your organization? Are you asking where and how can you can consolidate the scattered resources? And what’s the right resource model to meet the business demand for improved access to data and insights? Are your Business stakeholders demanding dramatically improved access to data each day? This Forrester Report is a Data Management Playbook which gives you a framework to understand how Data Management capabilities can be mapped to your organizational resources.

What the report offers and the key takeaways

The Report broadly discusses the following strategies that will help model DM resources and processes to match your organization’s DM capabilities.

  • Today’s Fragmented DM Resources cannot support a cohesive data strategy– Align your data management capabilities to your business model as well as your DM capabilities
  • Understand Enterprise DM Capabilities To Understand Your DM Organization – Apply business architecture techniques to analyze how your DM resources are organized to support your major DM capabilities. Understanding how capabilities map to roles and how those roles map to your organization provides a foundation.
  • Map DM Roles To Capabilities, Initiatives, And Tasks To Organize DM Resources – Once a framework for aligning resources is in place, you can coordinate the processes and initiatives that need DM resources by analyzing processes at both the enterprise and business unit levels.