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Deloitte: Unlocking Business Value through Digital Transformation




We sat down with John Ferraioli, Managing Director at Deloitte, to go over how accurate and timely data is a key enabler of digital transformation and how it helps improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and generate higher revenue. In this short video, John discusses:

  • Data – A Key Enabler of Digital Transformation

  • Accurate, Reliable & Timely Information is Vital

  • Aggregating Supplier Data to Improve Operational Efficiency and Mitigate Risk

  • The Self-Learning Data Platform – Built for Future

End-to-end visibility is a hallmark of becoming digital and having access to that information that’s timely, valid, accurate, and also applicable towards a business process or towards an analytical outcome is really the value proposition that we see solutions like Reltio bring to the marketplace. … A platform like Reltio not only allows for data aggregation but also the synthesis of data so you can see unique relationships and emerging strategic partnerships apart from mitigating risk in your supply network.