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Customer 360 – You Need to Tap Into All Your Data

Master data, transactional data, and marketing data only tell you a fraction about who your customer is. Deep connections and affinity with your customer are dependent upon your ability to bring it all together and virtually create your customer as a complete person. The connected customer experience to personalize engagement and offers (while avoiding the creepy touch) shifts your customer data strategy and capabilities from database thinking to assessing how well you manage the collections of customer information. Transform your customer experience, business models, and market competitiveness by investing in the right technology innovation, embedding intelligence into all tiers of your data management systems, and work toward customer insight systems that accelerate results.  
Watch the very engaging presentation “Customer 360 – You Need to Tap Into All Your Data” by Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst, Forester Research, and learn how you can get your customer data organized to leverage the power of AI and ML.