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Cognitive Computing Journey—Begins With Data Management

By Joe McKendrick

Please visit http://www.dbta.com/Editorial/Think-About-It/Cognitive-Computing-Journey-Begins-With-Data-Management-124296.aspx?PageNum=3 for the complete article.

“While the headlines in 2018 will be mostly about AI, most enterprises will need to first focus on IA—information augmentation,” said Ajay Khanna, VP of Reltio. The key is to get data “organized in a manner that ensures it can be reconciled, refined and related, to uncover relevant insights that support efficient business execution across all departments, while addressing the burden of regulatory compliance.”

Business context is also a critical factor in cognitive success, Khanna continued. “What many don’t realize is that the context of machine learning needs to be applied to your specific business and industry, with a focused set of benefits for each business user’s role in order for it to be accurately measured, so it doesn’t get labeled as yet another science project with limited value.”