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Execute Offensive Data Strategies, Get GDPR Defense for Free

This session will discuss how organizing data correctly for offensive strategies like new revenue models, improved customer experience, or other initiatives results in clean, reliable data with a natural byproduct of defensive data strategy, with the ability to meet regulations such as GDPR, and to ensure compliant, secure data access.

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A Partner Program that Delivers Value for Customers

Vasu Vallurupalli, VP of Alliances, Reltio talks about the Reltio Connect partner program and discusses how Reltio's ecosystem of data, technology, services and consulting partnerships benefit from business, solution and competency development.

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LumenData: Better Machine Learning Outcomes Rely on Modern Data Management

Tarun Batra, CEO, LumenData, talks about how the movement towards artificial intelligence and machine learning relies on a Modern Data Management platform that is able to correlate large amounts of data, and provide a reliable data foundation for machine learning algorithms to deliver better business outcomes.

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Getting IDMP Ready with Modern Product Data Management

Naveen Gupta, Principal Product Manager, Reltio talks about how a Modern Data Management Platform allows pharma companies to create a strong underlying master data foundation for IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products) objects in the cloud.

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Wipro: Data Strategies for Driving Digital Transformation

Gururaj Bhat, General Manager of Analytics, Wipro Technologies discusses how the partnership with Reltio helps organizations within the healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, technology, retail and communications industries increase top line growth or optimize bottom line growth.

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HighPoint Solutions: Solving New Healthcare & Life Sciences Challenges with Reltio IQ (formerly Reltio Insights)

John Wollman, Executive Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer, HighPoint Solutions discusses how Reltio provides best-of-breed master data management (MDM), coupled with the ability to perform rich analytics upon large volumes of transactional claims data through Reltio Insights.

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A CIO's Journey to Digital Transformation in the Information Age

David Giambruno, former Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Shutterstock, Tribune Media and Revlon goes over what being a transformative CIO and Chief Security Officer (CSO) means.

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Reltio IQ (Formerly Reltio Insights) Powers Reliable Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

Maxim Lukichev, Lead Data Scientist, Reltio, talks about Reltio Insights and how it seamlessly leverages Reltio Cloud Modern Data Management Platform as a Service to power reliable advanced analytics and machine learning, to feed data-driven applications.

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Modern Data Management for Next Generation Retail and Consumer Organizations

In this video, Jeff Johnson, 30+ year Retail and Consumer goods industry veteran and thought leader, shares his analysis of burning platform issues of the retail industry. Jeff covers the complex business challenges faced by the industry and how leading organizations are moving to Modern Data Management to address these challenges.

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Being Data-driven: A Digital Transformation Imperative

In this webinar, Ajay Khanna, VP Product Marketing at Reltio, talks about

  • The drivers of Digital Transformation - personalization at scale, cross-functional alignment, speed to value
  • The power of 'clean data' to drive relevant insights, and intelligent recommended actions, and
  • Reltio data management Platform as as Service (PaaS)
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