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Execute Offensive Data Strategies, Get GDPR Defense for Free

This session will discuss how organizing data correctly for offensive strategies like new revenue models, improved customer experience, or other initiatives results in clean, reliable data with a natural byproduct of defensive data strategy, with the ability to meet regulations such as GDPR, and to ensure compliant, secure data access.

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Modern Data Management for Next Generation Retail and Consumer Organizations

In this video, Jeff Johnson, 30+ year Retail and Consumer goods industry veteran and thought leader, shares his analysis of burning platform issues of the retail industry. Jeff covers the complex business challenges faced by the industry and how leading organizations are moving to Modern Data Management to address these challenges.

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Being Data-driven: A Digital Transformation Imperative

In this webinar, Ajay Khanna, VP Product Marketing at Reltio, talks about

  • The drivers of Digital Transformation - personalization at scale, cross-functional alignment, speed to value
  • The power of 'clean data' to drive relevant insights, and intelligent recommended actions, and
  • Reltio data management Platform as as Service (PaaS)
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DMRadio: Know Thy Customer. The Intersection of Data, Big Data & Analytics

From marketing to medicine, personalized treatment is taking hold. Customers across all industries expect more these days, and they will go elsewhere if they don't get what they want. The most advanced organizations are actively addressing this dynamic by blending traditional customer data with big data, then using analytics to fine-tune their products and services. This episode of DM Radio to featured Host Eric Kavanagh interviewing Reltio CMO, Ramon Chen together with David Corrigan of InfoTrellis, and Dan Sholler of Collibra.

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Join Your Customers on their Journey. Data Shows the Way.

Watch this 7 minute video to learn how to join your customers on their journey by forming a Consumer 360 that's both operational and analytical.

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Webinar: The Customer 360 You Were Promised is Finally Here

This 30-minute webinar demonstrates how to get the Customer 360 you were promised by using reliable and complete customer data, visualizing real-life organizational hierarchies that really matter, and getting intelligent recommendations and insights that increase your team’s productivity and effectiveness

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Reltio-Cognizant Webinar Replay - Master Data Management Means Business with Data-driven Applications

This webinar replay shows how enterprise data-driven applications backed by a modern data management platform is breathing new life into MDM, and allowing both IT and businesses to be more agile and effective. It delves into specific industry use cases from Life Sciences, High Tech, Information and Entertainment to illustrate how organizations in these industries are leap frogging competitors by using data as a strategic asset.

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