Reltio Cloud 2017.2 Delivers Productivity Boost for Enterprises

Enriched User Experience, Advanced Data Connectivity, Elevated Security and Open Partner and Technology Ecosystem Enables Enterprises to Be Right Faster.

Redwood Shores, CA – June 26, 2017 – Reltio, the enterprise data-driven applications and Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) company, today announced the upcoming release of Reltio Cloud 2017.2, the newest iteration of the market-leading platform that enables enterprise data-driven applications with reliable master data, relevant big data insights and intelligent recommended actions. This release includes enhancements to the user experience, and advancements in Data as a Service (DaaS) that improve user and IT team productivity, leading to even faster time to value.

Enriched User Experience

Reltio Cloud 2017.2 expands on its market-leading Commercial Graph capabilities, providing unprecedented flexibility and ease of use for business users and data stewards. 

  • Dynamic pivoting on profile attributes leverages Reltio’s Commercial Graph to provide users with a 360-degree view of reference attributes from within profiles, to quickly explore and segment with a single click, without leaving the application or writing complex reports.
  • Multi-parent hierarchy visualization enhances Reltio’s flexible and contextual hierarchy management capabilities, enabling hierarchies with multiple parents to be displayed at any level, and allowing easy pivoting to various parent hierarchies. 
  • New Reltio Inbox with built-in workflow task management enables business teams and data stewards to efficiently manage their workload with a simplified way of requesting, managing, prioritizing and investigating various tasks, such as change requests, deletion requests and match approvals using mobile and desktop interfaces.

Efficient Data Provisioning

Reltio Cloud 2017.2 builds upon Reltio Cloud’s Data as a Service (DaaS) capabilities to make it easier for IT to provision data, eliminating manual processing and providing advanced capabilities for business users to explore and enrich data from multiple third-party sources.

  • Expedited export service speeds up the ability to filter attributes for export (simple, nested, reference), and gives users the ability to write directly to S3 data storage. Ease of data availability to advanced analytics has been a challenge for many data science teams. This release provides enhanced instrumentation with export capabilities from Reltio Cloud to Reltio Insights, or any Apache Spark environment with required reporting functionality. 
  • Advanced matching with Data as a Service enables advanced search options across multiple third-party data tenants, and provides auto-matching flexibility when the customer data tenant is subscribed to multiple third-party data tenants for data augmentation and enrichment. Alerts and email notifications keep IT updated as the data is synchronized across data tenants. 

Elevated Security & Compliance

Reltio is committed to providing enterprise-level robustness, performance and security to deliver a best-in-class Modern Data Management Platform as a Service. Reltio Cloud’s security and performance capabilities are continuously improved so that our customers and partners can take advantage of the latest compliance and security standards. Reltio Cloud 2017.2 includes: 

  • Support for Okta Single Sign-on leveraging OAuth 2.0
  • Enhanced security audits to simplify compliance and reporting

Reltio continues to certify and improve our platform based upon global changes in laws and regulations. Read about Reltio Cloud’s security certifications.

Reltio is in production, and relied upon by global companies, ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500, ” said Ramon Chen, Chief Product Officer, Reltio. “They rely on Reltio’s reliable, productive and secure Modern Data Management platform to power business critical operational execution and analytical insight. Reltio 17.2 adds a wide range of new capabilities, delivering on the feedback provided by our customers and partners, to help them be right faster.

Earlier this year, Reltio hosted the largest gathering of Modern Data Management professionals, featuring over 300 attendees, including 19 Reltio partners. During the event, attendees shared best practices and exchanged ideas around their business challenges with topics, such as digital transformation, master data management (MDM), analytics, machine learning, big data and more. A full set of video recordings for that event is available at (please contact Reltio for access). Also available are new customer and partner testimonial videos that describe how they are seeing significant productivity gains, and solving their business challenges faster than ever.

Open Standards and Partnerships

Reltio has built an open ecosystem that allows our customers to choose and partner with technologies that best suit their business. This choice is critical to maintain agility in the fast-evolving data management landscape. At Reltio, we have formed strategic partnerships with companies, like QuintileIMS, SnapLogic, Dun & Bradstreet, Accenture, Deloitte, Cognizant, Wipro, iMiDiA, Lumendata, Infoverity and more, to combine our strengths and jointly deliver on a vision for the next generation of MDM and analytics.
Highlighting the speed to value, Scott Holcomb, Principal, Deloitte Consulting noted,

We’re talking three to four months around implementing some of these very impactful domains where it used to take eight, nine, 12 months to get this done. A lot of it is because what’s being delivered out-of-the-box. It’s more user-friendly.

Watch the complete video here.
Talking about data-driven digital transformation and connected customer experiences, Jim Lalonde, Managing Director, Accenture Interactive highlighted,

The traditional data management can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months. Most CMOs do not want to wait. With Reltio, what we’ve seen has averaged three to five months for implementation. One of the biggest things that Reltio has helped change the game, is in terms of speed to market.

Watch the complete video here.
Reltio continues to garner industry awards and accolades including:

You can see Reltio as an exhibitor and sponsor at the MITCDOIQ Symposium 2017 - The 11th Annual MIT Chief Data Officer & Information Quality Symposium in Cambridge, MA July 13-14, 2017.
See for a complete list of events.
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