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Forrester Report: Chief Data Officers Play A Leading Role In Business Transformation

Until recently, the chief data officer (CDO) was the new kid on the block. Today, half of data and analytics decision makers report working for a firm with a CDO. At the 11th Annual MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium, emerging data leaders described new initiatives that demonstrate a shift in their responsibilities from “defensive” to “offensive” or value-generating. This report helps CIOs understand their colleagues’ new responsibilities and how best to partner with them to drive data innovation and business transformation.

Key Takeaways

Chief Data Officers Are No Longer Just Data Czars

Job descriptions that started with overseeing a data management strategy have evolved to also include leading global centers of excellence, championing business transformation initiatives, and driving new revenue streams.

Chief Data Officers And CIOs Must Work Together To Drive Innovation

Collaboration between CDOs and CIOs is key to successfully executing on data innovation strategies, like embedding artificial intelligence in business apps, onboarding digital labor, engaging insights service providers, and even commercializing data.