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Alexion Pharmaceuticals Takes A Pragmatic Approach to Handle Big and Little Data Needs

By Martin Leach & Venk Dakshin

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To align IT with business growth, Martin Leach, VP R&D IT and Venk Dakshin, Sr. IT Director of Enterprise Applications and Architecture at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. took a pragmatic approach to building out data management capabilities.

A key challenge around building out your “big data” strategy is laying the foundation while developing use cases.


We decided to start our data journey not with ingestion, as this was covered reasonably well, but with Data Mastering to provide focus on reusing high-quality key data in our organization. We leveraged a cloud-based MDM platform (Reltio) with a graph-based (Cassandra) backend that has given us agility and speed to build our master data needs for several business areas.

Reltio Cloud is a Modern Data Management Platform as a Service running on Amazon Web Services platform.


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