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Reltio: ‘Data-driven’ Applications that Deliver Faster Insights and Better Decisions

As published on Intellyx at https://intellyx.com/2017/04/15/reltio-data-driven-applications-that-deliver-faster-insights-and-better-decisions/ 

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief

This is the age of data. The proprietary data — and the insights gleaned from it — are rapidly becoming one of the sole remaining drivers of competitive advantage for any organization. For most, however, that valuable data is hidden in a maze of disparate systems spread across the enterprise.

Reltio combines a traditional master data management approach with advanced and modern strategies to enable organizations to rapidly make sense of and find valuable insights in their data.

Combining internal data from multiple systems with external 3rd party data, they match and merge these disparate data sources and apply predictive analytics, machine learning and graph modeling to create a single source of truth that exposes data relationships and critical insights.

Focused on helping business users and data analysts get to insights — and better decisions — faster, they leverage an open platform approach that allows them to connect to a broad range of data sources and other data management tools. With a heavy focus on enterprise-class scale, they enable organizations to use a deeper and richer set of historical data from which to identify these important relationships and insights.

Finally, their collaboration and workflow engine helps stakeholders maintain, annotate and extend their data sets and resulting insights and then use that information to kick-off external automations and other workflows.