9 Successful Digital Disruption Examples

The complete IT Busines Edge article by Sue Marquette Poremba can be found here: http://www.itbusinessedge.com/slideshows/9-successful-digital-disruption-examples.html

Digital disruption requires enterprises to rethink the way they operate. In this slideshow, Sue Marquette Poremba has identified some of the ways that digital disruption is being used.


Slides in the article discuss how Modern Data Management is fueling the new wave of digital disruption.


“As Ajay Khanna, VP of Product Marketing at Reltio, explains, the digital disruption we are witnessing today started with the emergence of social, mobile and cloud computing technologies, leading to new business and economic models with a strong focus on the customer experience. It is fueled by cloud-based Modern Data Management technologies that help companies build a reliable data foundation for better and faster data-driven decision management and become more customer-centric by having a deep understanding of their customers.”


“Organizations continue to grapple with how to most effectively use the vast amounts of data being produced at an unprecedented velocity. Ajay Khanna, VP of Product Marketing at Reltio, explains that new Modern Data Management innovations are disrupting the Big Data space, allowing businesses to put data to work for them. In turn, Big Data can assist in understanding markets, drive new revenue opportunities, achieve business goals and increase the bottom line.”