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The Power of Graph is on Full Display in the Microsoft - LinkedIn Acquisition

In regard to the big acquisition news last week, the benefits of graph technology (including the ability to track relationships between people, places and things) could be key capabilities leading to Microsoft’s largest acquisition to date, LinkedIn. In fact, during a conference call about the acquisition, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner stated that “When you combine Microsoft’s corporate graph with LinkedIn’s social graph, you can take a leap forward with that information.” Speaking with insideBIGDATA about the acquisition, Reltio CEO Manish Sood states: 

Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn reflects not only the value of the incredible professional network of 433M members, but an indirect endorsement of the technology and architecture that LinkedIn has built to manage data at that size and scale. The power of graph is on full display in the LinkedIn acquisition. The same graph concepts are increasingly being used by B2B enterprises across all industries to manage the expanding universe of relationships across customers, suppliers and their products