Forrester The MDM Crossroads - To Graph or Not to Graph

Enterprise architects and their business stakeholders have seen master data management (MDM) as a silver bullet for achieving a single view of the business. But they’ve also seen it as a curse due to its cost, limited ROI and lack of agility. The missing link to MDM value is the introduction of business context to master data, reshaping the foundation to handle the context needed by business stakeholders. This report shows how innovations in MDM bring context to insight with intelligent, agile, relevant and real-time services. 

Key Takeaways

Use Contextual MDM When You Need More Than A Domain Definition Contextual MDM accounts for a variety of data models and views. This creates flexibility to define master data beyond an object and compose relevant domains based on attributes such as behavior.

A Contextual Platform For Data And Insight Is In Your Future. The shift toward graph-based MDM is a precursor for a holistic insight platform. Forrester expects such platforms to evolve over the next three to five years. 

To Graph or Not to Graph
Reltio’s cloud platform delivers enterprise data-driven applications on a modern data management platform-as-a-service (PaaS). MDM, analytic, and application solutions enable organizations to take immediate, personalized, insight-based actions using 360-degree views. Common use cases include merger and acquisition (M&A), supply chain, maintenance, and patient engagement.