Feedback on Reltio Cloud 2016.1 and the Forrester Wave for Master Data Management

The Forrester Wave for Master Data Management went live today. The results may surprise you.

MDM tools today don’t look like your father’s MDM. No longer an integration hub between applications and DBMSs, today’s tools are transitioning or have reinvented MDM to handle the context missing from system traditional implementations. Visualizations, graph repositories, big data and cloud scale, along with application like interfaces for nontechnical users, mean MDM and master data gets personal with stakeholders.
— Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Seemingly coming from out of nowhere, a new company that launched last Spring has arisen in record time to the highest corner of the new Forrester MDM Wave. Reltio hit #1 in strategy, and ever-so-slightly #2 (beside Informatica) in the lineup of overall offerings. This Forrester Wave addresses the way data management is evolving as well as core issues Reltio addresses (for example, reliable data). Even with this meteoric rise and ranking, MDM remains a single element of Reltio’s “platform as a service” as it fulfills a much greater vision and purpose— data-driven applications …
— InsideBigData Rumour central, March 21, 2016
There are many other MDM IT companies, and there are many other companies that compile customer MDM data (notably Veeva, which is a competitor to Reltio in the cloud-based IT space). But few companies in either category are building out resources for MDM at a comprehensive, enterprise level the way Reltio is for life sciences.
— Pharmaceutical Commerce March 23, 2016
It’s virtually unheard of for a company so young to attain a leadership position in a Forrester Wave that has been around for 10+ years. [A Wave that has been dominated by the likes of Informatica, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Tibco, Teradata and more.]
— Graham Brooks, Director, .406 Ventures
Reltio Cloud 2016.1 has revved up updates to its analytics services, collaboration, and recommendation capabilities to accelerate the work process for clients across the enterprise. Reltio Cloud guides its customers to take the right actions, based on the right insights, to achieve the right results. The firm provides agile and closed-loop predictive analytics by seamlessly connecting data managed within Reltio Cloud to Apache Spark.
— CIO Review Magazine, March 2016
The strongest trend we see today in users’ tool choices for data-driven applications is the trend toward single platforms or solutions that integrate multiple tool capabilities, from modern data management to advanced analytics. A broad-but-integrated solution both simplifies and empowers important business and technology tasks, such as collaboration among users, workflows that travel across diverse users, data, and tool types, better targeted recommendations and other analytic outcomes, a trusted audit trail for governance, and the direct, closed-loop application of analytic insights to operational processes.
— Philip Russom, an industry analyst at The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)