6 Things Recruiters Need to Know About Big Data

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It’s become fashionable to talk about big data, but many recruiters and HR pros still feel uninformed about what, exactly, “big data” means and why they should care about it. What tips and insights do you have for these recruiters and HR pros looking for a little assistance?

Well-known author Bernard Marr offers a very pragmatic definition of big data. Everything we do is increasingly leaving a digital trace (or data), which we (and others) can use and analyze. Big data therefore refers to that data being collected and our ability to make use of it.

The big data that’s relevant for HR and recruiting can include social media data from Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, LinkedIn. The trick is to bring all this data together and to identify the prospective candidate across all of these disparate sources. The quality of the data and the references to sources require a modern data management platform that can handle both the volume and variety, but also the compliance related to the personal data that is gathered. Once a reliable data foundation is established, analytics can go to work to find the patterns and matches to score, rank, and narrow the candidate pool to open positions, using a combination of machine learning and human professionals to curate and assess the relevance of the information. Finally, the success of the recruitment process and the productivity of the candidates hired must be correlated back to the analysis for accurate measurement of results.

This closed loop is often overlooked in the enthusiasm of leveraging big data. You can’t improve on your process or criteria if you can’t measure the actions that result accurately. Like all industries and fields, HR and recruiting will continue to see big data become an integral part of an improving discipline, but all professionals need to have confidence that the data they are looking at, regardless of size, is reliable.
— — Ramon Chen, CMO, Reltio
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