Why You Should Care About Agile Marketing

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For marketers, an accelerated pace of change is as inevitable as death and taxes. Get ahead of modern marketing strategies by choosing an experimental approach.

A focus on the customer -- both external and internal

The most important element of Agile marketing is understanding customers, their needs and the buyer's journey. Built around buyer personas and buyer journeys, Agile marketing also incorporates frequent data about prospects' responses to offers, content, messages, tactics and more, enabling marketers to continually grow an understanding of the buyer.

"Agile marketing allows you to deliver personalized and relevant information to customers by having a deep understanding of their needs and preferences," said Ajay Khanna, marketing expert and VP of product marketing at data management firm Reltio Inc.

Data-driven, continuous learning

Unlike the big bang waterfall approach, which releases code after long increments of testing and development, Agile marketing relies on short sprints that provide continuous opportunities for learning based on market feedback and data. The idea is to "fail fast" or "succeed fast" to determine the best path forward, while burning through the fewest resources.

"We value learning as rapidly as possible, which means we don't need to spend a full quarter writing and producing a marketing white paper," said Pete Bernardo, EVP of product at digital product development agency 352 Inc. "Instead, we can validate the idea for that big piece of content via social or a lightweight blog post, test the hell out of them and then move forward based on what we've discovered."

"Agile marketing also lets you fail fast and keep a closed loop between marketing and sales, content, and campaigns," Khanna added.

One might think of this process as: Test, improve based on what you've learned and scale when the right combination has been identified.