8 big data predictions for 2017

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Market research and advisory firm Ovum estimates the big data market will grow from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $9.4 billion by 2020. As the market grows, enterprise challenges are shifting, skills requirements are changing, and the vendor landscape is morphing. The coming year promises to be a busy one for big data pros. Here are some predictions from industry watchers and technology players.

1. Data scientist demand will wane

2. Making data science a team sport will become a top priority

3. There will be more pressure to keep data local

4. Enterprises will struggle to monetize data

5. Data lakes will finally become useful

“Many companies who took the data lake plunge in the early days have spent a significant amount of money not only buying into the promise of low cost storage and process, but a plethora of services in order to aggregate and make available significant pools of big data to be correlated and uncovered for better insights,” says Ramon Chen, chief marketing officer of data management vendor Reltio. The challenges have been finding people with the skills to make sense of the information; enabling data lakes to provide input into and receive real-time updates from operational applications; and bridging the gaps between master data management and operational applications, analytical data warehouses and data lakes.

“With existing big data projects recognizing the need for a reliable data foundation, and new projects being combined into a holistic data management strategy, data lakes may finally fulfill their promise in 2017,” Chen predicts.
“There’s no doubt that there’s a massive land grab for anything AI, machine learning or deep learning,” Reltio’s Chen notes. A key driver of all the deals has been demand for AI experts: “Due to the short operating history of most of the startups being acquired, these moves are as much about acquiring the limited number of AI experts on the planet as the value of what each company has produced to date,” says Chen, who predicts even more aggressive M&A activity in the coming year.

7. Demand for IoT architects will soar

8. Streaming analytics will be reborn