Trending 2017: Industrial Internet

Excerpts from the article in Pharma Voice. You can find the complete article here

“For life sciences, smart medical devices will be at the forefront with embedded sensors providing real-time feedback for data capture used in analytics and machine learning,” says Ramon Chen, chief marketing officer and head of product management, Reltio. “Pharma can benefit with more immediate feedback and diagnosis from the impact and efficacy of drugs either in trials or through ongoing commercial sales.”

The impact of awareness about patients’ own health will continue to be significant as it relates to the Industrial Internet.

A New Era in Transformative Integration

The Industrial Internet is already having a profound impact on consumers today.

“Companies are already offering smart devices that automate and therefore improve the productivity and efficiency of the entire value chain from manufacturing to customer service,” Mr. Chen says. “Implications range from simply better customer service, to life-changing or saving capabilities through better health monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment.”