How to Market Cloud Solutions to Gen Xers and Millennials

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In 2015, a demographic shift occurred that was in the pipeline for some time: There now exist more Millennials in the workforce than any other generation. This affects how cloud marketers approach their outbound efforts to begin the customer journey. They must appeal to these Millennial gatekeepers and influencers to get them and their companies into the SaaS buyer journey. Yet most middle and upper management roles remain populated by Gen Xers.

Millennials remain more partial to mobile phones and their functionality for text/SMS messaging, instant messaging and social network messaging in the enablement of what’s become known as conversational commerce than other generations. Meanwhile, these other generations (e.g., Generation X) still prefer universal email—or even a direct mailer—over the balkanized world of mobile messaging.

A multichannel approach is often needed to deliver the right messages to the right individuals at the right time,” says Ramon Chen, Chief Marketing Officer, Reltio, which provides a data management platform-as-a-service. “Especially when marketing to Generation X and Millennials at the same time. Cloud marketers need to make sure that all customer interactions through all channels company-wide are tracked, measured and combined into a complete, 360-degree view of the customer.

That means bringing data together from all the traditional tools that communicate with and track interactions with customers, such as CRM, marketing automation, advocacy, support systems and more, according to Chen.