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Reltio Enabling the Next Wave of Data-Driven Innovation

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This IDC Insight analyzes Reltio, a company playing in the platform-as-a-service market, and reviews key success factors: market potential, products and services, competitive edge, customers, and corporate strategy. Detailed subquestions make up each of the 5 success factors which are assigned a value from 1 (weak) to 4 (strong). Leveraging IDC’s expert understanding of the competitive landscape and future outlook, this document provides insight into private companies based on IDC’s unique watch score system:

  • Market potential: Market growth potential, strength of competition, and current stage of market (early adopters versus late majority)
  • Products and services: Level of differentiation, disruptive capability, and scalability
  • Competitive edge: Competitive landscape and peer assessment
  • Customers: Number of existing customers, quality of existing customer base, geographic reach, and size of addressable market in the coming years, given the vendor’s current capabilities
  • Corporate strategy: Go-to-market strategy, management pedigree, and financial status (running on venture capital with insignificant revenue versus self-sustaining and not seeking additional rounds of funding)

The worldwide public cloud platform-as-a-service competitive market grew by about 41% in 2014, after growth of 32% in 2013, forming a market that is about $6 billion in size. The public cloud PaaS competitive market is broken up into submarkets. Cloud data services is the largest of these and accounted for 31.5% of the market and grew by 58.5% in 2014. Cloud application platforms accounted for 30.5% of the market and grew by 42.4% in 2014. These are the markets where Reltio participates. IDC expects strong growth of data services reflecting growth of data- and cloud-delivered tools to abstract the complexity of data management.

IDC has predicted that by 2018, cloud becomes a preferred delivery mechanism for analytics, increasing public information consumption by 150% and paving the way for thousands of new industry applications. Consumers and enterprises have and want increasing access to new data sources, and cloud will provide a practical mechanism for distributing that data more easily and to a wider audience. In addition, consumers of data will also have access to some level of analysis of the data, converting it to information and even relying on the cloud as a source of analytics.

Cloud data services can give access to data and analytical capabilities, and this speeds and simplifies access and decision making. Furthermore, cloud means safer access to data that is more deliberately controlled with detailed security requirements. Cloud makes analytics more pervasive and analyzed data more available.

We expect other businesses and government entities with massive amounts of data will deploy similar agreements that lead to a sustainable, market-driven ecosystem that lowers the cost barrier of data access and publication and creates economic growth and job creation, all while providing far greater access and ability to analyze data.

Reltio provides a cloud data services platform where users can collect, merge, and relate data, linking with data-driven applications and employing feedback and learning algorithms. It offers an ecosystem for data access and insights and actions for business value, providing far greater access and ability to analyze data.