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PharmaVoice Creating a Culture of Innovation

PharmaVoice’s April Edition contains an article about how to create a culture of innovation. Click here for the full magazine


An innovative culture is a magic blend of empowerment, guidance, and alignment across all facets of an organization. At Reltio five core values form an integral part of our innovative culture. Known as F4R they are: “Be reliable,” to your fellow employees, your customers and partners; “Stay relevant,” with great ideas that are in context with the task at hand; “Be resilient,” by bouncing back and learning from mistakes; “Think repeatable,” embracing technology to increase efficiency and productivity; and last, but not least, is “have fun” and give back or pay it forward. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but a supportive and creative environment is the family that brings innovation to life.

— Ramon Chen, CMO, Reltio