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Forbes: Reltio Stitches Together Diverse Data Applications For A Complete Customer Picture

By Bruce Rogers ,  FORBES STAFF

A Series of Forbes Insights Profiles of Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape:  Manish Sood, Founder and CEO, Reltio

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The biggest pain point that many businesses are struggling with is transforming in terms of what they do and deliver into how they engage with their audiences or customers,” Sood says. “With the advent of cloud computing, he adds, “their whole business model is evolving and changing.”

The information needed to get a broader picture of the customer is not contained in one application. And “that whole mess” of multiple applications containing information about who the customer is, or what kind of experience is being provided, or how the overall organization is engaging and working with these different audiences, creates a picture, Sood says, that “needs to be stitched together to really drive better engagement and better, personalized experience with the customer. That’s really driving these large corporations to rethink how they need to be more data-driven in the way they run their businesses.”

Reltio is filling in an apparently big gap—since it started selling its product in 2015, it has experienced a tripling of both number of customers as well as revenue growth, and has taken business away from gigantic incumbents such as IBM, Oracle, SAP and Informatica.