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Health Market Science & Reltio Enhance Account-based Selling & Compliance for Life Sciences

King of Prussia, PA and Palo Alto, CA – March 18, 2014 – Health Market Science (HMS), a leading supplier of provider data and end-to-end solutions that address data management, regulatory compliance and market intelligence challenges and Reltio, a data-as-a-service (DaaS) provider of information convergence applications, today announced a strategic alliance to offer real-time integration of HMS’s Provider MasterFile™ into Reltio’s cloud-based, multi-domain master data management (MDM) and affiliation management solutions. The combined offering enables life science organizations to access continuously updated information on more than 8,000,000 health care practitioners (HCP) and 450,000 health care organizations (HCO) as well as their affiliations with a more cost-effective alternative to on-premises data repositories and enterprise data management platforms.

“Data quality is still the bull’s eye for data management success; HMS and Reltio together help our customers hit the mark,” said Theresa Greco, Senior Vice President, Solution Strategy and Commercialization, HMS. “For organizations with existing programs, HMS’ Data Enrichment services help improve the quality of on-premises data and is easily accessed directly via our secure API or through the Reltio DaaS cloud.”

HMS provides a suite of data and data management solutions that complement the strategy of most leading global life sciences organizations. The HMS Provider MasterFile™ is updated daily with comprehensive, high-quality data that is easily incorporated as an authoritative source to existing systems or packaged within the Reltio DaaS cloud. Additionally, HMS data assets accurately reflect the changing landscape of Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN) that is impacting new payment models. This dynamic requires a keen understanding of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) memberships and affiliations.

Reltio leverages big data infrastructure technologies and innovations in schema-free modeling, master data resolution and applicative search while incorporating enterprise data, third party and social data – with data stewardship services. Reltio’s affiliation management solution is a cloud-based offering designed to treat and manage affiliation data as master data while empowering the business to own, manage and utilize affiliation data. Business users can visualize relationships in a business graph, and search and find complete and accurate profiles of influencers and decision makers across IDNs. The Reltio user interface is visual and intuitive enabling flexible operational views, powerful search and voice of the user rating and ranking of affiliation data.

“The combination of HMS with Reltio’s next generation MDM and affiliation management solutions reinvents how sales and marketing users are able to gain a complete, real-time view of their customers and affiliations with information across enterprise applications and reference data,” noted Manish Sood, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Reltio. “Sales and marketing users in life sciences are now able to gain a complete, real-time view of their customers and affiliations inside Reltio’s information convergence applications.”

About Reltio

Reltio Information Convergence applications allow business users to understand markets, drive revenue opportunities and reduce risk exposure through actionable, real-time and predictive insights by relating disparate datasets from multiple sources. Reltio provides a cloud-based intuitive, visual environment for business users to navigate data insights and curate, update and enrich their business data to continually improve enterprise information. For more information, visit www.reltio.com.

About Health Market Science

Health Market Science (HMS) helps healthcare organizations solve business challenges centered on healthcare provider information. HMS uses big data technology and domain expertise to help our clients comply with evolving federal and state laws, reduce operational costs and maximize market opportunities. Health Market Science offers robust solutions based on the most comprehensive provider database, including healthcare providers (HCPs,) healthcare organizations (HCOs,) and their affiliations, coupled with the largest medical claims database in the U.S.  A wealth of highly experienced talent in data analysis and industry expertise, including regulatory compliance, mine these assets continuously for better ways to help clients increase margins and operate more cost-effectively. For more information, visit www.healthmarketscience.com.