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12 Considerations When Implementing Customer Data Platforms into DXPs

By Dom Nicastro

Please visit https://www.cmswire.com/digital-experience/12-considerations-when-implementing-customer-data-platforms-into-dxps/ for the complete article.

Data-as-a-Service Connections to Third-Party Sources

For a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to successfully be woven into the fabric of a DXP environment, data as a service connectivity to third-party sources will be critical, according to Ajay Khanna, VP of marketing at Reltio, which provides a self-learning data platform. “Customer information must be related to other data entities, such as product, store, location and site,” Khanna added. “If your CDP does not support multiple domains, then it should integrate with a multi-domain data management platform that also includes graph technology to uncover these relationships.”

Customer information must be infused with relevant insights and intelligent recommendations to help with business decisions. “CDPs must seamlessly provision customer data to today’s advanced analytics and machine learning technologies,” Khanna said.