A Leading Owner & Operator of Golf Clubs

A Leading Owner & Operator of Golf Clubs

A large owner and operator of golf courses and clubs was driven to provide the highest quality club experience to its members. They had several home grown applications and systems to manage their member data but wanted to continue to attract, retain, and offer new services to high net-worth members. They needed a single, reliable view of their members, and the ability to customize and personalized marketing offers.


Reltio Cloud was deployed and integrated with their point of sale (POS) system to better manage customer preferences and membership entitlements, promote real-time upsell and cross-sell opportunities of services, in support of their customer-centric growth strategies. It took them only 8 weeks to go live with a Member 360 application. As a bonus, they witnessed a dramatic decrease in tee time reservation processing and increased customer satisfaction.

Reltio is the data management foundation upon which we can now execute on our three customer-centric growth strategies of organic growth, brand reinvention, and M&A.

CIO of a leading Owner & Operator of Golf Clubs shares their JOURNEY & EVOLUTION WITH Reltio's MODERN DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM